Wash Packages

Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums The "Whole Band"

$27.99 Full Service Car Wash, Sealer Wax, Wheel Clean, Tri-Foam Polish Wax, Tire Dressing, Air Freshener, Platinum Protection

Vocals, Guitar & Bass

$23.99 Full Service Car Wash, Sealer Wax, Wheel Clean, Tri-Foam Polish Wax & Tire Dressing, Air Freshener

Vocals, Guitar

$20.99 Full Service Car Wash, Sealer Wax & Wheel Clean, Air Freshener


$16.99 Full Service Car Wash

Detail Menu

Detail Menu

The Stadium Gig

Complete Interior and Exterior Detail - $289.99

The Arena Gig

Complete Exterior Detail - $159.99

Platinum Record

Express Mini Detail - $159.99

The Studio Session

Complete Interior Detail - $159.99

Gold Record

Express Hand Wax - $59.99

The Club Gig

Express Interior Detail - $59.99

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